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MT and MT Poisons in Pathology and Medicine

  • Pierre Dustin


The highly conserved molecular structure of tubulin in evolution and the many essential functions of MT explain that tubulin mutations are probably often lethal. In Chapter 2, some abnormal tubulins have been mentioned, and some complexities of the genetics of α and β tubulin described. Apart from these variations of the tubulin molecule, there does not seem to be any pathological condition directly linked to abnormal tubulins. On the other hand, the tubulin-associated proteins, which are very numerous, and differ from cell to cell and from species to species, show a much larger variation, and could be the cause of anomalies of MT. This is particularly apparent in complex structures such a cilia and flagella, where many pathological conditions are known. There also may be some changes in the tubulin cytoskeleton of malignant cells, although this study has so far produced contradictory findings.


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