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In contrast to the previous sections it proved expedient here to change the position of the subject twice while obtaining the 19 horizontal sections. In order to check the direction of the sectioning, which was intended to lie parallel to the plane of the optic nerve, the series started with section H12. Additional sagittal planes were measured prior to and after the change in position to ensure accuracy of the positioning. Section HI lies approximately at the level of the chin and is followed by increasingly cranial horizontal sections,
Fig. 6.1

Fig 6.1

Fig. 6.2

Fig 6.2

which end at the most cranial convexity of the cerebral cortex. The spin-echo images were obtained at a spacing of 1 cm and a section thickness of 11 mm. The inversion-recovery images cover, in the main, the structures of the brain since, here in particular, additional information is provided. These slices correspond to the sections H9–H15; the thickness is also 11 mm. Figures 6.1 and 6.2 indicate the sectioning directions and the position of all 19 horizontal sections relative to the middle sections of the orthogonal planes, SI and F1/F9.


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