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  • W. Lincoln Hawkins
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It is important to determine or make a reasonable estimate of the useful life of a polymer before its degradation exceeds tolerable limits. Many tests have been devised to measure the rate of polymer degradation or the time to failure of polymer compositions. Methods used for testing are quite varied, reflecting the anticipated exposure conditions. Test procedures are conveniently classified as weatherability tests designed to evaluate out-door stability and thermal tests which measure the resistance to heat in the absence of radiation. Thermal tests are particularly useful in determining the extent of degradation which may occur under the high-temperatures encountered during processing. They are also used to estimate the useful life of polymers that will be exposed to elevated temperatures in the absence of solar radiation for long periods of time at or near ambient temperatures. Special test procedures have also been developed to measure ozone resistance, biodegradability, flammability, and the resistance to solvents or nonsolvents.


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