Biopsy of Neoplasms of Bone and Soft Tissues: A Rational Approach

  • H. J. Mankin
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All protocols for the staging of primary malignant bone and soft tissue tumors require an accurate histologic diagnosis and grading of the lesion (American Joint Committee, 1977; Enneking et al, 1980). This latter information is always provided by a segment of tissue obtained by biopsy. Although this essential procedure has been demonstrated to be prone to certain hazards, discussion of biopsy procedures in standard textbooks and in the literature generally provides only limited information and directives (Brostrom et al, 1979; Jaffe, 1958; Moore et al, 1979; Schajowicz, 1981; Schajowicz and Derqui, 1968; Spjut et al, 1971; Wood and Binder, 1978).


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