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It is hoped that the average citizen, being the subject of a re-organization in a socio-technical system, will never have to absorb the Markovian and mathematically sound aspects of the paper. One of the more obvious reasons for this is that the paper describes a technical system which is the nice and tight shoe fitting perfectly on the supposed social system, i.e. the foot. And, when something does fit why bother with alterations. For instance, the author did not concern himself with the hardware needed to implement his soft system. How for instance, does the speed of data transmission effect the total data flow? Is Baud Rate or multiplexing important? How about incompatible source and absorbing hardware?, More important, can a social system deal with the loss of data? If so, how can this lost data be recuperated? These questions are undoubtedly already answered in the referenced works (1,2 and 4.) Unfortunately, that which the Navy knows, we do not know.



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