Ultrasonographic Echometry in the Control of Congenital Glaucoma

  • C. A. de Carvalho
  • A. J. Betinjane
Conference paper


Ocular echometry is of greatest clinical significance in children, in whom the most significant changes in the dimensions of the different ocular structures occur. Ocular echometry, therefore, has particular value in the diagnosis and assessment of surgical therapy effectiveness in congenital glaucoma. In spite of the essential significance of tonometry by applanation in the clinical study of the disease, echometry allows for invaluable information as to the magnitude of the pathologic effects induced by an abnormal intraocular pressure in a given time interval. Echometry, therefore, can provide an assessment of the dynamics and magnitude of ocular changes caused by an anomalous intraocular pressure in eyes with congenital glaucoma.


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  • A. J. Betinjane
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