Disc Haemorrhages — Forerunners of Chronic Glaucoma

  • C. E. T. Krakau


During the last decade a diagnostic sign overlooked for a long time, has attracted attention, namely hemorrhages (hh) in the optic disc. The importance of this sign was emphasized by Drance and collaborators, adducing evidence of increasing weight (Drance et al. 1970,1971,1976,1977,1979). The response to these efforts now come to the fore in several articles published also by other authors and devoted to the natural history of hh. During the last years the results have appeared from survey material and glaucoma follow up studies (Bengtsson et al. 1980, 1981; Holmin and Krakau 1981) and of retrospective investigations (Airaksinen et al. 1981, Gloster 1981).


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