Glucose in the Control of Glucagon Secretion

  • J. E. Gerich
Part of the Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology book series (HEP, volume 66 / 2)


Pancreatic A-cell function is modulated by numerous intracellular and extracellular factors (e.g., nutrients, ions cyclic nucleotides, neurotransmitters, hormones, prostaglandins). Since the primary physiologic role of glucagon is the preservation of normoglycemia, it is not surprising that the A-cell should be exquisitely sensitive to changes in the extracellular concentration of glucose and that glucose should be the major regulator of glucagon secretion. This chapter will attempt to summarize our present knowledge concerning the control of glucagon secretion by glucose; major emphasis will be placed on observations in humans, and this will be supplemented by relevant data from studies in other species and from in vitro experiments.


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