Experience with Revision Arthroplasties for Failed Cemented Total Hip Replacements Using Uncemented Lord and PM Prostheses

  • R. Parhofer
  • W. Mönch
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Since December, 1979, we have not used cement in our revisions of failed total hip arthroplasties. To date, 67 revision arthroplasties have been performed in 63 patients (Table 1). Fifty-nine of these were first revisions, and 8 were re-revisions. The patients averaged 68.2 years of age. Fig. 1 shows the increase in the number of revisions performed by us in recent years as well as the types of prostheses used. Initially we used Lord prostheses. For various reasons we abandoned their use, however, first in primary arthroplasties and later in revisions as well. Lately we have been using PM prostheses
Fig. 1

Number of revision arthroplasties performed on a yearly basis. Z Revision done with cemented components; L revision with uncemented Lord prosthesis (How Medica); P revision with uncemented PM prosthesis (Aesculap Instruments)

Table 1

Revision Arihroplasties Performed at our Hospilal

Numbcrof revisions performed

First revision

Sccond revision

Average age of patienis













exclusively. Most of the revisions had become necessary after a period of 6–10 years. In all but 3 cases we replaced both the femoral and acetabular components of the failed THA.


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