Four- to Eight-Year Postoperative Results of the Partially Uncemented Lindenhof-Type Ceramic Hip Endoprosthesis

  • P. Griss


During the period from September, 1974, to October, 1978, 95 hip endoprostheses of the Lindenhof type were implanted at the Lindenhof Orthopedic Hospital. To date this has permitted . a follow-up of 4–8 years (average about 5 years). For a general statistical review of this series, the reader is referred to an earlier paper (Griss and Heimke, 1981). Here I shall note only that the majority of patients were in the 40–60 age group, and that the arthroplasties were most often performed for early osteoarthritis of the hip, femoral head necrosis and PCP.


Acetabular Component Ceramic Head Femoral Head Necrosis Early Osteoarthritis Acetabular Loosening 
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