Fiber Titanium: Animal Studies and Clinical Trials

  • A. Gächter
  • J. Galante
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Since 1968, Galante and Rostoker have been using a meshwork of sintered titanium fibers for bone replacement and for the cementless attachment of implants to bone. The material has undergone a lengthy series of mechanical and biomechanical tests. Animal studies have been conducted in rabbits, dogs and baboons, and 10-year implants are currently being evaluated in the baboons. “Fiber titanium” has also been in use since 1976 for bone replacement in tumor patients. Following thorough evaluation of the experimental results, a total hip prosthesis was developed which featured a fiber titanium coating. At this writing, uncemented total hip and knee prostheses have been used in human patients for more than 15 months. The first clinical results are now available.


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