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Pulmonary and Oesophageal Surgery in the Elderly

  • H. C. Nohl-Oser


The place of pulmonary surgery in the elderly is obviously limited to those conditions especially afflicting old people, which cannot be treated by other means. Here the success of surgical intervention is even more dependent on the experience and skill of the surgeon than usual, because it is the correct assessment of the whole situation which plays the dominant role. The overriding principle generally is that surgical treatment should be the least that is necessary. Assessment of an elderly patient for possible lung surgery poses added difficulties, which are peculiar to aging. Apart from exploring alternative forms of treatment, the following aspects must be considered, so that a balanced judgement may be formed. These are: (a) the necessity for surgical treatment; (b) the general condition of the patient and therefore the risk involved; and (c) the quality of life to be expected after operation, taking into account the extent of lung resection necessary for cure and the patient’s pulmonary reserves.


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