Orthopaedics in the Elderly

  • M. Devas


The orthopaedic problems of the elderly cannot be solved in isolation because most of the conditions to be treated are inextricably involved with the medical ailments of old age which may be, and usually are, as important as the orthopaedic lesion if not indeed taking priority. Nevertheless, and particularly after a serious fracture, the physician is hampered in treating the patient until the orthopaedic surgeon has dealt with the problem, at best having obviated the fracture so that medical treatment can go ahead unimpeded by the restrictions of traction, splints, and ordained decubitus. Thus, the physician and orthopaedic surgeon must of necessity work together and, in order to achieve the best results for their patients, should form a unit specifically for dealing with such elderly patients who may need the combined care of each speciality.


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