Epidemiology: Some Aspects of the Climacteric Woman

  • L. J. Benedek-Jaszmann


Medical research is traditionally more concerned with pathology than normality. This certainly is true in case of the epidemiology of the climacteric and postclimacteric phases in a woman. The problems in the climacteric have recently been gaining increasing recognition as to their importance. This is particulary true of the last three decades and seems to be due to the fact that there has been a rapid increase in the number of women over 40 years old and to a growing interest in studying both health and fertility of different populations. Another contributing factor is the rapid development of hormone replacement therapy. This could be clearly seen in the attitude of Wilson(1965) who started his crusade by describing its object as “feminine forever” with the use of estrogens. However, he also stated rather apologetically that the climacteric years and the period following have to be regarded as a pathological condition. Epidemiological surveys of the normal development of the climacteric period and the years beyond show a big gap in our knowledge of the subject.


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