Zur antiödematösen Wirkung von O-(β-Hydroxyethyl)-rutosiden in der Zahnheilkunde

  • Mechthild Schlicht
  • Brigitte Müller
Conference paper


Bei 15 Patienten, bei denen Zahnextraktionen im Prämolar- bzw. Molarbereich vorgenommen werden mußten, wurde der antiödematöse Effekt von O-(β-Hydroxyethyl)-rutosiden gegenüber einer Kontrollgruppe, die Plazebo bekam, getestet. Mittels eines speziellen Meßverfahrens konnte die schnellere Abschwellung von Ödemen in der HR-Gruppe gezeigt werden.

The Anti-Oedematous Action of HR in Tooth Extraction


The oedema prophylaxis of Venoruton®-intens was tested in 15 patients in whom extraction of teeth from the premolar and/or molar regions of the upper or lower jaw was indicated for prothetic reasons.

A further 15 patients served as controls in the sense of a randomised controlled double-blind study against placebo.

The distances from the point of the tragus to the ala nasi, to the angle of the mouth and to the point of the chin measured with a tape-measure and the trismus before the operation and on days 1, 3 and 5 after the operation were used as parameters. The results show that prophylaxis with the drug in the pretreated group of patients resulted in considerably less postoperative swelling.


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  • Brigitte Müller

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