EXAFS Studies of Crystalline Materials

  • Gordon S. Knapp
  • Panayotis Georgopoulos
Part of the Crystals book series (CRYSTALS, volume 7)


In recent years the extended x-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) technique has been applied to many problems including the structure of biological molecules, molecular structure of liquids, structure of amorphous semiconductors, and of supported catalysts. In view of the nature of this book and because other reviews on this subject exist (including a review by one of the authors1)), this Chapter will focus on the applications of the EXAFS technique to the study of crystalline materials. While there have been many studies of crystalline materials of known structures performed in order to establish the validity of the technique, little work has been done to obtain new information. In this chapter we will review some of this work. We assume that the reader has no prior knowledge of this technique and we will therefore review the theory of EXAFS, the methods of data analysis, and the experimental technique.


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  • Panayotis Georgopoulos
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