Local Radiotherapy of Biliary Malignancies

  • M. S. Fletcher
  • D. Brinkley
  • J. L. Dawson
  • H. Nunnerley
  • Roger Williams
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Patients presenting with obstructive jaundice due to a cholangiocarcinoma involving the hilum of the liver pose a major problem in management. Despite recent advances in preoperative assessment of resectability and in operative techniques (Blumgart 1978; Williamson et al. 1980), in most reports the rate of attempted radical curative resection has remained very low (Inouye and Whelan 1978; Akwari and Kelly 1979; Evander et al. 1980; Blumgart 1982) and the operative mortality is still 10%–20% (Lannois et al. 1979; Evander et al. 1980). In contrast, effective palliation can often be achieved with low operative mortality if the obstruction is relieved by a cholangioenteric anastamosis (Cahow 1979) or by operative insertion of a transhepatic U tube (Terblanche et al. 1972).


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  • M. S. Fletcher
  • D. Brinkley
  • J. L. Dawson
  • H. Nunnerley
  • Roger Williams

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