Digital Radiography (Scanning Projection): Possibilities and Perspectives

  • K. H. Hübener
  • M. J. Lipton
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In 1975, Stein [29] proposed that transmission profiles of the body could be obtained by employing a large-crystal detector (length 54 cm, diameter 4 cm) and a pencil X-ray beam. The pencil beam was created from a fan-beam source divided both spatially and temporally into pulses using a rotating disc collimator containing slits. This system, although of simple design, elegantly demonstrated the remarkable advantages of this technique, namely extremely low radiation dose coupled with greatly improved contrast resolution, the latter due to an almost total lack of scattered radiation. This concept was further developed and improved by AS & E. Today scanned projection radiography (SPR) is mostly performed using a computed tomographic (CT) scanner. The attenuated X-ray beam is recorded by the detector array which is held stationary throughout the exposures.


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