Focal Neurological Lesions and Diffuse Organic Brain Damage in Open-Heart Surgery Patients

Postoperative Thrombocytosis and Platelet Aggregation — A Possible Aetiological Factor in the Causation of Organic Brain Dysfunction
  • D. W. Bethune


Neuropsychiatric dysfunction occurring after open-heart surgery is usually considered to be related to intraoperative events.

A case history is presented which suggests that marked changes in neuropsychiatric function can occur in the immediate postoperative period with a history and time course which is incompatible with a direct intraoperative cause. The evidence from psychometric testing indicated a disturbance of delayed memory recall which would suggest an organic basis for the symptoms. Analysis of the records of a group of patients who were studied in detail with pre- and postoperative interviewing, identified a significant incidence of changes suggestive of organic neuropsychiatrie dysfunction occurring remote from the immediate operative period.


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