• A. L. Baert
  • P. Biondetti
  • T. Darras
  • P. De Somer
  • L. Divano
  • J. Ferrané
  • A. Grivegnee
  • H. Hauser
  • L. Jeanmart
  • D. Larde
  • M. Nijssens
  • M. Osteaux
  • N. Vasile


The first “total body” CT scanners to be introduced into clinical work (in 1976) had only limited value in demonstrating the mediastinal structures, chiefly because their high scanning times permitted respiratory movements to have an adverse effect on spatial and densitometric resolution. The present systems, characterized by a pure rotary movement of the detection system and X-ray tube and by a great number of detectors, have seen a reduction in scanning time to 2–5 s. When suitable slice thicknesses and data processing programs are selected, the images obtained with voluntary apnoea provide a very accurate anatomical definition of mediastinal elements. However, further reductions in scanning time will be necessary to eliminate the impairment in depiction of vascular structures caused by cardiac movement.


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