The standard methods for in vivo assessment of morphological pulmonary abnormalities are conventional non-invasive radiographic techniques. In selected cases CT can provide useful additional information and replace invasive examination procedures. Despite limited spatial resolution (1–2 mm) and relatively long scan times (1–5 s), improved detail detectability is obtained by the summation-free representation of transverse sections and increased contrast resolution (0.2–0.5%). Whereas conventional radiography enables the detection of small dense lesions down to 4–5 mm, preferably in central areas of the lung, CT permits the recognition of less dense and still smaller lesions down to 2–3 mm in any part of the lung. The bronchial tree can be evaluated down to the segmental bronchi, abnormal lung vessel distributions can be recognized and a tissue characterization of pulmonary masses (e.g. fat-free soft tissue, fat, fluid, blood, gas inclusions, calcifications), as well as quantitative regional studies of the pulmonary ventilation, can be performed.


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