Light and Electron Microscopic Studies on Mycosis Fungoides During Long-Term PUVA-Treatment

  • S. S. Bleehen
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Photochemotherapy using systemic 8-methoxypsoralen combined with exposure to longwave ultraviolet light (PUVA) has been found to be an effective treatment, particularly for the early and intermediate stages of mycosis fungoides (Gilchrest et al. 1976; Hjortshoj and Schmidt, 1977; Hodge et al. 1977; Roenigk, 1977; Konrad et al. 1978; Bleehen et al. 1978; Vella Briffa et al. 1980). In most patients with the early stages of the disease there is a rapid clearance of the lesions with alleviation of pruritus. However, several histologic studies (Lowe et al. 1979; Mackie et al. 1980) have indicated that despite the clinical improvement there was a persistence of the cutaneous infiltrate following PUVA, especially in the lower dermis.


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