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Vanadium Oxides in the Urcal Deposit, Argentina

  • M. K. de Brodtkorb
Conference paper
Part of the Special Publication of the Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits book series (MINERAL DEPOS., volume 2)


The Urcal Mine in the province of La Rioja, Argentina, is a small deposit where tyuyamunite and metatyuyamunite were exploited. These minerals are located in a dense fractured zone developed on the calcareous rocks of the Cabeza de Montero Member of Volcan Formation (Carboniferous age) and in the micrites of San Juan Formation (Ordovician age). Small black pockets up to 20–50 cm in diameter were observed. The polished sections show the following oxidation series of vanadium minerals: karelianite, montroseite, doloresite — häggite?, duttonite, mineral 1 ?, pascoite, associated with mineral 2, coffinite, pyrite, marcasite, galena and tetrahedrite, whose optical and textural characteristics are described. Cation reduction from groundwaters followed by precipitation in a fractured zone are assumed to be the origin of karelianite. The subsequent oxidation of this mineral produced by weathering the other vanadium oxide minerals.


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