Surgical Treatment of Cervical Spine Injuries - Prognostic Aspects on Operative Procedure and Timing

  • K. Roosen
  • W. Grote
Part of the Advances in Neurosurgery book series (NEURO, volume 10)


The joint study of eight neurosurgical clinics regarding operative treatment of 283 cervical spine injuries which was reported at the 6th international neurosurgical congress in Sao-Paulo (10) shows that the prognosis of these cervical spine traumas in the first place depends upon the severity, the level of the lesion, and the duration of the accompanying spinal cord lesion. The type of bony injury and the kind of surgical approach had no significant influence on the late clinical results. In our opinion single factors like the period of recumbency, functional stability, complication rate will be different, yet this depends upon the specific clinical indications to operate and the operative technique (1–9, 121, 14–18, 20–23, 25–27).


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