Angiographic Findings in Postinfarction Patients Under the Age of 35

  • F. Burkart
  • C. Salzmann


In Europe the number of patients with myocardial infarction (MI) is still increasing, especially for those with clinical symptoms at relatively young age. We were asked by the Swiss Society of Cardiology, under the sponsorship of the Swiss Foundation of Cardiology, to retrospectively analyze young patients with coronary artery disease for risk factors, clinical course, and angiographic findings, which are possibly different compared to older patients. In the five Swiss university centers, data of all patients were collected who had suffered from angina pectoris or MI at an age of 35 years or younger and in whom selective angiography was performed. At a round table discussion problems of risk factors, clinical course, angiographic findings, operative treatment, and prognosis were presented at the annual session of our society (Burkart et al. 1980). Moret has presented the risk factors of these patients (pp. 17 ff.), therefore, the angiographic findings together with a short description of the clinical course shall be discussed in this paper.


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  • F. Burkart
  • C. Salzmann
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  1. 1.Cardiologic Divisions of the University ClinicsKantonsspital Basel and Inselspital BernSwitzerland

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