Peridural Bupivacaine and Morphine for Residual Pain After Peripheral Vascular Surgery

  • R. Manolescu
  • I. Elian
  • J. M. Lehmann
Part of the Anaesthesiologie und Intensivmedizin Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine book series (A+I, volume 144)


Patients displaying persistent leg pain for more than 10 days after objectively successful leg revascularisation surgery were divided into three groups receiving epidural injections of: 1. bupivacaine (10 ml/0.5%; n = 15), 2. morphine sulphate (2 mg/10 ml; n = 15) and 3. morphine sulphate (2 mg) + bupivacaine (10 ml/0.25%; n = 17). Group 1 showed good analgesia and a significant incidence of hypotension (-20-40 mmHg; n = 6), skeletal muscle hypotonia (n = 7), bradycardia (n = 3) and urinary retention (n = 4). Group 2 showed a poorer analgesic response and no significant effect on other measures. Group 3 patients showed an analgesia comparable to that of group 1, with no effect on cardiovascular measures, but produced urinary retention (n = 3).


Urinary Retention Epidural Injection Peripheral Occlusive Arterial Disease Morphine Sulphate Good Analgesia 
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  • R. Manolescu
  • I. Elian
  • J. M. Lehmann

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