Secretory Activity of the Root Cap

  • M. Rougier
Part of the Encyclopedia of Plant Physiology book series (PLANT, volume 13 / B)


The root tips of all plants are covered by a specialized group of cells termed the root cap. During the last two decades, numerous studies attempted to elucidate the development, structure, and functioning of the root cap cells (see reviews of Juniper 1972, Barlow 1975). According to Haberlandt (1914), this tissue performs three functions: protection of the root meristem, facilitation of root penetration through the soil by secretion of a lubricating slime or “mucigel”, and perception of gravitational stimuli. This chapter is concerned with the second function. In particular, the function of the root cap in slime production will be discussed in relation to available evidence from morphological, physiological, and biochemical studies.


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