Classifying Rice Soils on the Basis of their Physiological Characteristics

  • Hou Guang-jiong
Conference paper


With only a few exceptions, the rice soils usually manifest themselves by relatively big structural aggregates, which can only be partly pulverized by plowing during the growing season of upland crops usually in rotation with rice. The current literature consequently always deals with the structural forms of rice soil as being one of strictly hydrogenic in nature. Practically little has been said about the physicochemical reactions that are intervening in structure-forming processes. Questions thus arise as to what role the soil parent material plays in the genesis of rice soils, or why similar types of structural aggregates may differ widely in their rate of slaking in water. But till now there still remains much to be debated.


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  • Hou Guang-jiong
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  1. 1.Southwestern Agricultural CollegeChongqingThe People’s Republic of China

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