Chronic Isolation of Visual Cortex Induces Reorganization of Cortico-Cortical Connections

  • M. Holzgraefe
  • G. Teuchert
  • J. R. Wolff
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Undercutting of the cortex destroys all subcortical afferents and efferents, leaving most cortico-cortical connections intact (Szentágothai 1965). The resulting terminal degeneration shows a laminar pattern similar to thalamo-cortical projections (Hubel and Wiesel 1972; Ogren and Hendrickson 1977; Gould et al. 1978), although the synaptic density is slightly reduced (Clark et al. 1939; Gruner et al. 1974). Chronic isolation results in the survival of the majority of neurons (Creutzfeldt and Struck 1962).


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