Eight-Coordinate Compounds Containing Chelate Groups

  • David L. Kepert
Part of the Inorganic Chemistry Concepts book series (INORGANIC, volume 6)


With values of the normalized bite from 1.20 to 1.25, which are appropriate for the bidentate ligands fitting along various edges of polyhedra calculated for [M(unidentate)8] (Chap. 12), seven separate isomers have been located as potential energy minima. These are most readily envisaged as various ways of arranging ligands along the edges of distorted square antiprisms (isomers A—F), or a distorted dodecahedron (isomer G) (Fig. 13.1). The square antiprismatic isomers are loosely ordered as progressively changing from a “trans” arrangement of bidentate ligands (isomer A), to the most “cis” arrangement of ligands (isomers E and F).


Potential Energy Surface Chelate Ring Mirror Plane Bidentate Ligand Potential Energy Minimum 
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