Regulation of Nitrogenase Biosynthesis in Free-Living and Symbiotic N2-Fixing Bacteria: a Comparison

  • H. Hennecke
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Nitrogenase activity of N2 fixing cells has usually been detected by the simple acetylene reduction assay. Only very recently have studies been initiated to measure the formation of nif mRNA and nif polypeptides. Experiments of this kind yield more direct information about the regulatory constraints acting on nif gene expression and avoid all the complications imposed by the further series of steps necessary for the production of an active nitrogenase complex, such as subunit modification and assembly, incorporation of cofactors (Mo, Fe, S), the functioning of an electron transport system and the availability of sufficient ATP as an energy source.


Glutamine Synthetase Crude Cell Extract Acetylene Reduction Activity Polypeptide Synthesis Rhizobium Japonicum 
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