Egtved Virus: The Susceptibility of Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout to Eight Virus Isolates and the Significance of the Findings for the VHS Control

  • P. E. V. Jørgensen
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On the basis of limited experimental evidence (Rasmussen, 1965; Jørgensen, 1974; de Kinkelin et al., 1974) brown trout have generally been considered to be almost refractory to natural infection with Egtved virus. Nevertheless VHS in a few rare cases has been observed in brown trout under trout farm conditions. The author has isolated Egtved virus twice from such cases, once (1969) from brown trout of Italian origin, once (1972) from brown trout in a Danish trout farm (Jørgensen, unpublished results). Recently also de Kinkelin and Le Berre (1977) isolated Egtved virus from brown trout. The latter isolate, designated strain 23/75, was found to be pathogenic to brown trout as well as to rainbow trout in bath infection experiments.


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