Psychotropic Agents

Volume 55 / 2 of the series Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology pp 493-532

Cerebrovascular Agents in Gerontopsychopharmacotherapy

  • F. Hoffmeister
  • , S. Kazda
  • , F. Seuter

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Treatment of cerebral dysfunctions and disorders occurring mainly in the elderly by cerebral vasodilating agents seemed to gain its justification when Kety (1956) concluded that cerebral blood flow and oxygen consumption declines with age (Fig. 1). In an attempt to differentiate the extent to which decrease of cerebral blood flow is due to age or the effect of disease, Dastur et al. (1963) excluded effects of disease by selecting old persons in good health. Cerebral blood flow in these selected elderly persons did not differ from that of young ones. Since cerebral blood flow was low even in diseased elderly subjects with mild disorders, it was concluded that pathology is the main cause for decreased cerebral circulation in old age.