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Biosynthesis of the Mitomycins

  • Ulfert Hornemann
Part of the Antibiotics book series (ANTIBIOTICS, volume 4)


The mitomycins and porfiromycin (Fig. 1) constitute a complex of anticancer antibiotics which are produced by Streptomyces caespitosus (Hata et al., 1956), Streptomyces ardus sp. n (DeBoer et al., 1960) Streptomyces verticillatus (Lefemine etal., 1962) and Streptomyces michiganensis (Wolf et al., 1975). Their structures have been determined by chemical, physicochemical, and X-ray methods (Webb etal., 1962a, 1962b; Stevens etal., 1965; Tulinsky and Van den Hende, 1967; Yahashi and Matsubara, 1976). Mitomycin A (Ia) (Tulinsky and Van den Hende, 1967) and Mitomycin B (Ib) (Yahashi and Matsubara, 1976) differ stereochemically at C-9. The structure of mitiromycin (II), a biologically inactive close relative, has been reported (Morton et al., 1970). The mitomycins and the Streptomyces metabolite (S)-2,3-dicarboxyaziridine (III) (Naganawa etal., 1975) are unique among naturally occurring metabolites owing to the presence of an aziridine ring. A related ring system, an azirine ring, occurs in the Streptomyces aureus antibiotic azirinomycin (IV)Miller etal., 1971


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