• Günter H. Rager
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Previous electrophysiological investigations of the development of the visual system of the chicken have concentrated almost exclusively on the development of the electroretinogram and of visually evoked responses (Peters et al. 1958; Garcia-Austt and Patetta-Queirolo 1961; Witkovsky 1963; Pisareva 1965; Blozovski and Blozovski 1968; Sedlacek 1969; Ansinn et al. 1969). These investigators and Rager (1979) showed that photoreceptors can only be excited by light stimuli from late on incubation day 17 onwards. Thus, electrical stimulation has to be used to investigate the functional maturation of the retinotectal system at earlier stages of development. Our study was guided by the following questions: (1) When do axons begin to transmit signals? (2) When do retinotectal synapses start to functional (3) How are structural and functional development related to each other?


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