Radiology of the Adrenals: Overview

  • M. Georgi
  • W. Jaschke
  • E. Böttger
  • G. Kempmann
  • E. Wetzel
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Part of the Radiology Today book series (RADIOL.TODAY, volume 1)


Radiological diagnostics of the adrenal glands have made substantial progress in recent years, especially due to the introduction of computed tomography (CT). The attempt will be made to evaluate old and new methods of investigation on the basis of recent results communicated in the literature and our own experience. Before going into new techniques such as ultrasound, adrenal radionuclide scanning and computed tomography, older techniques will be subjected to a critical consideration.


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  • W. Jaschke
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  • E. Böttger
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  • G. Kempmann
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  • E. Wetzel
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