Speleometeorology — Speleoclimatology

  • Alfred Bögli


Speleometeorology is concerned with instantaneous processes in the atmosphere of caves, speleoclimatology with their average states. However, with the exception of wind, variations in the parameters are so small that there is only a slight difference between instantaneous and average values. Therefore speleometeorology and speleoclimatology are usually used with the same meaning, apart from their differing points of view. The former is preferred in English and in German usuage (Kyrle, 1923; Myers, 1962; Wigley and Brown, 1976), the latter in French (Gèze, 1965). In Germany and Austria mining terms such as Höhlenwetter, Bewetterung and Wetterwechsel (change in wind direction) are frequently used, thus in Kyrle who defines Höhlenwetter as “the total contents of the cave in gas-form”. He supports the use of these expressions with the argument that “cave meteorology is very similar to that in mines” (p. 203).


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