Marrow Culture in Diffusion Chambers in Rabbits IV. Effects of Leukocyte Products on Granulopoiesis

  • R. Willemze
  • R. I. Walker
  • J. L. M. Waayer
  • J. C. Herion
  • J. G. Palmer
Conference paper


These studies extend the previous observation that soluble products obtained from briefly incubated peritoneal exudate leukocytes (LP) contain potent stimulators of diffusion chamber granulopoiesis. Intravenous injection of LP into chamber hosts on days 2 and 3 of culture was as effective in promoting granulopoiesis as injections on days 0, 2, 4, 6, and 8. Injections on days 1 and 2 of culture did not stimulate chamber granulopoiesis. Autologous LP was as effective as allogeneic LP in promoting granulocyte production. LP obtained from peritoneal exudate leukocyte consisting mostly of monocytes did not stimulate granulopoiesis, but did increase chamber macrophage/mononuclear cell production. Partial purification of LP reveals that granulopoietic stimulation is produced by material having a molecular weight less than 50000 daltons. Intravenous injection of LP material greater than 50000 daltons inhibited chamber granulocyte production.

Key Words

granulopoiesis diffusion chamber hematopoiesis leukocyte products 


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  • R. Willemze
  • R. I. Walker
  • J. L. M. Waayer
  • J. C. Herion
  • J. G. Palmer

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