Megakaryocyte Growth in In Vitro Cultures and in Diffusion Chambers

  • J. M. Paulus
  • A. L. Carsten
  • E. P. Cronkite
  • N. Lacaze
Conference paper


Analysis of colony size distribution and ploidy in plasma clot cultures of megakaryocytes suggests that these cells’ progenitors can be stimulated (or are programmed to) undergo a very variable number of proliferative cycles before switching to polyploidization. Alternatively the size and ploidy distributions reflect an age structure in the progenitor population. In the in vitro plasma culture system, there is an inverse relationship between the mean number of endoreduplications per colony megakaryocyte and the number of doublings undergone by the colony progenitor. Megakaryocytes can also be grown in diffusion chambers although with a lower efficiency and smaller colony size than in plasma clot cultures.

Key Words

megakaryocyte culture diffusion chambers 


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  • J. M. Paulus
  • A. L. Carsten
  • E. P. Cronkite
  • N. Lacaze

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