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The investigations on which the following reports are based involved a total of 158 patients with essential hypertension who for diagnostic purposes underwent cardiac catheterisation, ventriculography, coronary angiography and reno-angiography. Presence and degree of essential hypertension were defined according to the WHO criteria (WHO report [47, 121, 122]) after exclusion of all explicable and non-essential causes of hypertension. Cardio-invasive diagnostic procedures were only employed if required by the clinical condition or the need further to examine previous findings. In 73 patients these examinations served to verify or exclude the presence of coronary artery disease. Eighteen patients showed cardiomegaly. In 16 patients systolic heart murmurs possibly indicating organic lesions of the heart were found. A vitium cordis with haemodynamic implications could, however, be excluded in all cases. Eleven patients presented with cardiac arrhythmias not explained by their case histories. In 8 patients auscultation over the renal area revealed systolic murmurs. Non-essential causes of hypertension (renal, endocrine, cardiovascular etc.) were systematically excluded in all patients.


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