Radiological and Therapeutic Aspects of Glomus Tumours

  • E. Lins
  • H. J. Basedow
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Neurosurgery book series (NEURO, volume 8)


Seven cases of glomus tumors are reported. The diagnostic and therapeutic measures are described and discussed with the aid of X-ray pictures. The plain X-rays show the extension into the bone. The whole vascularisation of the tumour can only be demonstrated by the use of selective angiography, whereby the entire extension of the mass into the soft tissue can be estimated exactly. In cases of intracranial glomus tumours it was shown that the tumour can be vascularized by dural vessels coming from the internal and external carotid arteries as well as by collateral arteries from the vertebral system. Selective angiography also allows simultaneous therapy, because the blood supply of the tumour can be occluded by artificial embolization.


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  • E. Lins
  • H. J. Basedow

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