Dynamic Emission Transaxial Tomography for Positron Emitters

  • T. F. Budinger
  • S. E. Derenzo
  • R. H. Huesman
  • J. L. Cahoon
  • Y. Yano
Conference paper


We present a new stationary imaging device which provides complete transverse sections of the concentration of positron emitters anywhere in the body with a resolution less than 8 mm FWHM and a data collection interval as short as one second. The Donner 280-crystal ring provides the equivalent of 140 views of 105 samples per view and consists of 280 rectangular NaI (Tl) (8 mm x 30 mm x 50 mm) crystals mounted on a ring of 92-cm diameter. Data are obtained from 14,700 lines of position through the patient port without motion of the detector assembly or patient; thus truly dynamic transverse section information can be obtained with a time resolution limited only by available statistics. This makes possible first pass flow or gated cardiac studies and quantitation of radionuclide concentration in smaller volumes than heretofore reported. This article gives the historical background, special design, and fabrication features of the device, and a discussion of the data-handling methods and system performance.


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