The Transferrin-Receptor Hypothesis: Mechanism of Tumor Uptake of Carrier-Free Gallium-67

  • S. M. Larson
  • J. S. Rasey
  • D. R. Allen
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Gallium-67 (67Ga) citrate, after injection into the blood stream, is deposited in high concentration in some types of human and animal tumors [1,2]. At present, the biochemical basis for the tumor affinity of radiogallium is not known. Several mechanisms have been proposed, including diffusion of ionic radiogallium through porous tumor membranes [3,4]; a transport mechanism similar to that of calcium ion [5–7]; pinocytosis of transferrin-labeled gallium [8]; 67Ga transport to the tumor cell by transferrin or other transport proteins, with subsequent removal of 67Ga by binding to a more gallium-avid tumor protein of unknown type [9] or to lactoferrin [10]. So far, none of these proposed mechanisms has been well substantiated by experimental evidence. The possible role of transferrin in 67Ga tumor uptake has been studied using tumor cells growing in vitro [11–13]. The results are conflicting. Sephton and Harris [11,12] reported enhancement of 67Ga uptake by transferrin, whereas Gams and associates [13] reported that transferrin inhibited 67Ga tumor uptake.


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  3. 3.Division of Nuclear MedicineUniversity of Washington Medical SchoolSeattleUSA
  4. 4.Department of RadiologyUniversity of Washington Medical SchoolSeattleUSA

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