Mineralogical Composition of Leucite-Bearing Rocks

  • Alok K. Gupta
  • Kenzo Yagi
Part of the Minerals and Rocks book series (MINERALS, volume 14)


The most commonly occurring minerals found in these leucite-bearing rocks are leucite, clinopyroxene, plagioclase, potash feldspar, nepheline, and olivine. When plagioclase is present, melilite is absent. Phlogopite and potash richterite are fairly common. Accessory minerals include: biotite, perovskite, wadeite, priderite, apatite, magnetite, ilmenite, and spinel. Different combinations of the above minerals are present in the various types of leucite-bearing rocks. The phase chemistry and chemical variation of these minerals are described below. The phase equilibrium relations among these minerals will be discussed in the later sections.


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