Quantitative Assessment of Thallium-201 Images

  • U. Buell
  • E. Kleinhans
  • M. Seiderer
  • B. E. Strauer
Conference paper


The sensitivity and specificity of thallium-201 myocardial imaging for analysis of regional myocardial viability depends on reproducible image construction and interpretation. Reproducibility is influenced by the myocardial 201Tl uptake, which depends on myocardial perfusion, mass, and metabolism [25, 26]; these factors also determine the myocardial-to-background ratio [7, 14, 15]. Uptake is, in addition, affected by exercise techniques [22], dosage and type of cardiac pharmaceuticals [7, 13, 15, 26], technical equipment, and the methods used for data collection, processing, and display [16]. Accurate interpretation is often difficult, even for experienced investigators. To overcome this problem two techniques are employed: (1) grading analogue images by quality (poor, adequate, or excellent) and by uptake (normal, borderline, or abnormal) [27], and (2) grading of digital images with Computer assistance [3–11, 13–18, 20–22].


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