Practical Aspects of Metal Vapour Synthesis

Part of the Reactivity and Structure Concepts in Organic Chemistry book series (REACTIVITY, volume 9)


The success of an MVS experiment depends principly on maintaining high vacuum (10-4 ~ 10-5 torr) within a vessel where a high temperature evaporation furnace usually above,1,600 °C is not far from a cold surface onto which considerable quantities of volatile material are being condensed for periods of up to two or three hours. Loss of vacuum halts the evaporation process and usually terminates the experiment. The best possible pumping system is required under such conditions, as well as effective vacuum seals. The pumping system invariably involves three stages, a rough rotary oil pump followed by an oil diffusion pump and finally a cryostatic pump (cold trap) (Fig. 2.1). The size of the pumps is determined mainly by size and working conditions of the vacuum chamber. (The pumping speed of most oil diffusion pumps is a function of their size only.)


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