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Bifurcation Diagram of Model Chemical Reactions

  • M. Kaufman-Herschkowitz
  • T. Erneux
Conference paper
Part of the Springer Series in Synergetics book series (SSSYN, volume 3)


Some general principles underlying pattern formation and the onset of temporal oscillations in reaction/diffusion systems can be derived from the detailed bifurcation analysis of nonlinear differential equations of the form:
$$\begin{array}{l} \frac{\partial }{{{\partial _t}}}{X_i} = {F_i}({X_i},{X_i},...{X_n};\lambda ) + {D_i}\Delta {X_i} \\ 1 \le i \le n \\ \end{array}$$
Fi is a nonlinear rate function of the concentrations Xj where λ represents a set of characteristic physico-chemical parameters. The second term is Fick’s linear law for diffusion.


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  • M. Kaufman-Herschkowitz
  • T. Erneux

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