EMS and its Role in Disaster Medicine

  • Y. S. Fahimi
Conference paper
Part of the Disaster Medicine book series (DISASTER, volume 2)


Two years ago, Tehran Emergency Information Center, the headquarters for Emergency Medical Services of Iran, was formally opened for the following purposes: 1) To provide first aid treatment at the scene and on the way to the nearest hospital by well-trained Emergency Medical Technicians. 2) To transport the patient to the nearest private or public hospital. 3) To pay all medical expenses for emergency patients who are unable to pay for their medical care. 4) To provide medical information and information concerning the treatment of poisonings through the Office of Medical Information and the Poison Control Center. The responsibilities of the administration of the operational plan, and its implementation and operations are under my charge as Director of Emergency Medical Services of Iran, and also as Head of Disaster Planning and Operations for the Ministry of Health and Welfare of the Imperial Government of Iran.


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