Medical Considerations in Radiation Accidents and the Biologic Effect of Fast Neutrons in Hydrogen Bomb Explosions

  • E. H. Graul
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Part of the Disaster Medicine book series (DISASTER, volume 1)


There are two main categories of emergency patients:
  • The doctor is called to an emergency patient whom he does not know. There is no time or possibility for detailed diagnostics and precise analysis of causes. The acute situation requires immediate action: a few standardized and simple methods have to be used. An elementary therapy must be successfully applied on the spot; this must be the basic tool of any doctor. Only afterwards is a specific, and if possible, causal therapy possible at all in the hospital.

  • The other kind of emergency situation on the spot is characterized by the doctor’s knowing the probable cause of the emergency. Either it is a patient of his own or the circumstances (e.g., from drugs and syringes lying around or through information from relatives). Examples are exacerbation of diabetes to coma, apoplectic insult, digitalis intoxication, etc.).


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