Chemical Dynamics Investigated by Laser Probes

  • L. Wharton
  • D. Auerbach
  • D. Levy
  • R. Smalley
Part of the Springer Series in Chemical Physics book series (CHEMICAL, volume 3)


The emphasis of this article will be upon dynamical aspects of chemical problems with the use of the laser as a tool. Molecular structural information is incorporated where available, but is not the end of the investigation. The chemist’s approach to the study of complex problems is to investigate a wide variety of model systems. The elucidation of differing models can carry one into different domains of physical insight. We will consider in the spirit of the chemist’s style illustrative model systems to convey the variety of information and systems that can be successfully probed by laser technique. They are selected for their breadth and quality of information not previously available. The examples were performed at the University of Chicago with the skillful collaborators referenced.


Dioxide Argon Recombination Iodine Helium 


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  • D. Auerbach
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  • D. Levy
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  • R. Smalley
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